The Myth, the Legend, Legend Race

The Myth, the Legend

Legend Race

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Not sure if you have read the about section on our website if not read it you will see how we got started.

After becoming addicted to obstacle course racing, I wanted to share the excitement and the sense of accomplishment that I felt. So off I went like usual venturing into a new territory of how can we be as good as the rest of the OCR events out there.

Over the last 3 years we have come to improve our course, our obstacles, our registration process and are working on our timing.

I read a lot about how much it cost to fund this ocr habit, and we understand not only do we enjoy our event but we enjoy running other events. Since we want to stay affordable we move around to different locations to keep cost down. We are independently owned. We build, design, create & promote everything ourselves. When I say we I mean my wife and I. We also have some friends that come out and help to build and we are thankful for them and their support.

With the industry growing and we are growing with it, we have maintained a debt free business model and have not used funds from another event to pay for an upcoming event, while we may not have the glitz of steel framed obstacles. We do have the quality obstacles.

We started small and we want to maintain the fun environment we had at first but we also want you to get that same feeling and challenge you would have at any big ocr event. Over the last 3 years we did themed events while these are great it is hard to continue coming up with themes and it is hard to promote Legend Race when most people remember the theme and not the company. Just because we are now keeping the events named Legend Race does not mean we created an event that only people in great shape can do. We have and will continue to put an event out that is competitive with any other event out in the ocr world.

While some are not big fans of the circle of pain and we understand why. It will continue to be part of at least one of our races each year.

People always say I have to get in shape! I say no if you can walk the mileage of the course you can do an obstacle course.

I have seen people from all athletic abilities, with no arms or legs, young and old, recently I’ve seen a blind man do a course. No excuses! It is time for you to come out and run a Legend Race. Maybe you came when we first started, maybe you have been a fan since we started, maybe you have never done one or maybe you are a competitive ocr junkie like me, We have the race for you. Our event will speak for itself from start to finish.

Our focus and goal will continue to be the same whether we have 100 or 3000 runners, to stay local & give you a course that it is kick @$$. You will get your money’s worth.

Why Legend Race?

We don’t do this just for the money but for the love of the sport and the people.  It is not easy to put a new course together for every event and it is not easy when we have low attendance due to a new location.

Race after race we have learned and grown. The thing that motivates me the most to keep holding these events is YOU.20140228_9999_13 (Custom)

The stories and the feedback we get is amazing. The stories of I never thought I could, to seeing parents running with their children,


My personal favorite is seeing the guy or girl that is afraid of heights or the person that thinks they can’t do a certain obstacle, push through and overcome due to the support of those around them. To see the look on their face at that moment is priceless. The best is the ending when people are exhausted and someone may be struggling to do an obstacle and people gather around to help and encourage them to finish.

LEGEND Definition:1) the body of stories of this kind, especially as they relate to a particular people, group, or clan: 2) a collection of stories about an admirable person. a person who is the center of such stories:

Hence our slogan:    We tell a story by what we do!

What will your Legend be?



The cause year after ymedalear we continue to raise funds for charities.

Why race? Do it for you!

We do it for fun!

We do it to compete

We do it to stay healthy

We do it to get in character

We do because we are bad @$$

We really want a medal

We do it because of the people that motivate & inspire us

We do it for the beer

Whatever your reason BE LEGEND!


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